The ‘us’ in Möbius


J. Javier “Jay” Uribe

President & Co-Founder

Junab Ali II

President & Co-Founder

Rob Vazzola

Vice President of Sales

Stephen Noteboom

Vice President of Professional Services

Rosemary Elizalde

Chief Financial Officer

Sean Goertz

eCommerce Product Manager

Liz Masters Lovelace

Director of Marketing

Scott King

Chief Technology Officer

We’re all about people

And our people happen to have their own unique nickname that was the brainchild of one of our mentors. He called us “Groovers” because of our innate ability to find that sweet-spot—that special groove in which you’re able to do something so well and so easily because you’ve done it so often. More than a nickname, it’s our value-add, our secret sauce. It’s what makes us different.

I would like to express my pleasure and personal gratitude for the professional customer service and care provided by Möbius Partners. They continue to be outstanding suppliers of HP equipment and service.”

Systems Admin/Analyst General Dynamics