We have several free assessments available to fit your needs:

vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA)

The VOA helps optimize your vSphere environment with three analysis reports powered by vRealize Operations. Discover the benefits of intelligent IT operations and get a comprehensive analysis of the optimization opportunities in your virtualized environment with a configuration audit report, a performance improvement report, and a capacity optimization report. This enhanced evaluation collects data to help you.

vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA)  

  • Discover how to save up to 30% on CPU, memory and storage
  • Maximize utilization with capacity monitoring analytics across compute, network, and storage while automating reclamation
  • Proactively identify and remediate issues with predictive analytics and smart alerts
  • Optimize resource utilization through a unified console

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Virtual Network Assessment (VNA)

Traditional approaches to securing a data center are focused on building a strong perimeter to keep threats outside the network. However, little is done to protect the network once a threat is inside the network. East-West (server-to-server) traffic accounts for more than 80% of overall data center traffic, but it’s largely unprotected, leaving you at risk. In 24 to 72 hours, the VNA shows what percent of your data center traffic is “East-West” and not protected by your perimeter firewall.


virtual network assess/


  • Opportunities to optimize network performance with NSX
  • Address performance and capacity management issues
  • Access if micro-segmentation can improve security, policy management, automation, and DR
  • Reduce the time it takes to respond to resource and provisioning requests
  • Gain the ability to move the policies along the VMs

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SysTrack Desktop Assessment

VMware delivers a comprehensive set of capabilities for a more secure, cost effective and unified Windows 10 computing environment with a better end user experience. But in order to attain these benefits, organizations need a better understanding of their enterprise systems, who their users are and what exactly they are doing. Why? Because this information allows IT organizations to properly segment users, size their physical and virtual infrastructure, and more accurately tailor resources to meet end-user needs.


  • Radically simplifies the assessment process and ensures that customers can accelerate their migrations to Windows 10
  • De-risks Windows 10 migrations and roll outs and ensure your physical and virtual environments are right-sized to best meet end-user requirements.
  • Provides a platform to assess and quantify user, app, and infrastructure requirements in order to successfully transform a desktop environment.
  • Identifies suitable or unsuitable devices, apps, users, and workloads
  • provides technical analysis documentation and reports detailing a proposed migration plan.

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Hybrid Cloud Assessment (HCA)

This assessment answers your cloud cost questions in less than 3 hours. HCA helps to understand existing private cloud costs, compares public and private cloud costs and enables IT teams to confidently share information on actual costs with their lines of business. It’s fast and easy.


  • Easily understand the cost of your existing private cloud infrastructure
  • Quickly assess business spending across multiple public cloud providers
  • Save time using capacity comparison and ”what if” scenarios
  • Reduce public and private cloud deployment costs. Identify reclamation cost savings by performing HCA with VOA (vSphere Optimization assessment)
  • Establish IT as strategic business partner by sharing actual costs with LOB leaders
  • Quantify cloud consumption across business groups, applications, and services

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Virtual SAN Assessment

This assessment uses a free SaaS-based VMware Infrastructure Planner (VIP) tool to run a free comprehensive analysis of your vSphere storage environment (i.e., I/O patterns). In just one week, this assessment provides TCO analysis, hardware guidance and sizing recommendations that prepopulate the Virtual SAN Sizing & TCO Calculator. You can export and share these reports to show the benefits of Virtual SAN and create a business case within your organization.


  • Performance and Scalability — 1.5-5x faster than competitors with predictable, elastic scaling.
  • Choice — Choose your preferred storage vendor, while meeting your exact needs with no waste.
  • Simplicity — Use 2-click provisioning, integrated workflows, and policy-driven management to radically simplify storage operations.
  • Cost: Reduce TCO 50% with simple to operate, easy to learn solution.