Security Presentation by Brett Scott, Co-Founder of Arizona Cyber Warfare Range

Watch the #3 hacker in the world talk about security, strategies for watching the wire, skills gap, ransomware, etc.

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Speaker Bio: Brett Scott
Brett is the co-founder and technical architect of The Arizona Cyber Warfare Range (non-profit organization). The Arizona Cyber Warfare Range ( combined with The Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance (ACTRA) is the first information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO) leading the United States in delivering breakthrough and effective cyber-intelligence, critical skills and essential knowledge to help defend the United States of America and its interests. Brett holds several clearances with the US Department of Justice / FBI that can be found in the DoD JPASS system and he has spoken at many places such as the US Pentagon, FBI, Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center or ACTIC. Brett has a strong background in Digital Forensics building a system the US Dept. of Justice used to perform automated digital forensics. He is on the NSA watch list and known as the #3 hacker in the USA. Brett serves as the Director Security Solutions for Tech Data.