Competitive Edge Technology

Operational Excellence

It seems like the IT Department is always spending money chasing technology. What if the IT Department could improve the bottom line by making processes more efficient, affordable and proactive? Möbius Partners provides cost-effective solutions structured around automation, monitoring, reporting and management to help IT better align with business. Organizations must rethink operational and organizational priorities—new technologies have created massive shifts in the very basics of how business gets done. Möbius Partners positions IT Departments to lead the charge in transforming traditional IT environments into digital enterprise by developing best practices and sound strategies for automation and virtualization to increase your overall operational excellence.

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Cloud Integration

The benefits of Cloud Integration are numerous—mobility, instant access, real time, logon integration, scalability, product launches, business process launches, dev/op integrations—the sky’s the limit. But the most immediate benefit is derived by addressing the cost and stress on your data center. It can be a daunting task to find the right balance of public, private, or hybrid-based systems. Public cloud is perceived to be easy and affordable, but susceptible to security breaches. A private cloud is more secure, but more expensive. Hybrid cloud marries the best of both worlds in a highly flexible environment. Whether you are looking for mobility, flexibility, deploying technology, or faster service—Möbius Partners can help you find the perfect path to the cloud.

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It’s more than just data protection. As your digital assets grow, so does your digital risk. Organizations rely on timely access to their rapidly growing data. Loss of data has far-reaching operational, financial, and legal implications. Data storage, protection, and recovery is a key factor in business continuity.

Möbius Partners provide the storage strategies, emerging technology, deduplication, back up and recovery processes, regulatory compliances, business continuity, and end-to-end solutions for your unique workflow.

Your customers and employees love the mobility of cloud-based environments and so do hackers. Cyber defense—anticipating and deflecting attacks—is the new normal. If your company is ready to manage digital threats, Möbius Partners is your single source for implementing enterprise security solutions and business continuity while helping you navigate complex regulatory demands and the confusing lack of global legal standards.

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Converged Systems

Many data centers consist of devices that have been accumulated and cobbled together over the years. As the demands on networks increase, it’s wise to consider the value of a converged system to reduce complexity and eliminate hardware compatibility issues. As a result, operational efficiency occurs in more bandwidth, compliance, and reduction in power/cooling/cabling. Converged Systems are easy to deploy, manage, and grow.

Whether you are on the business side of the house looking for greater flexibility, increased productivity, and lower costs—or the IT side looking for less complexity, consistent availability, and ample scalability—Möbius Partners asks the right questions, listens to your needs, and finds the right solution.

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Big Data

Big Data has changed the business landscape by providing meaningful, actionable insights for faster, more strategic business decisions. Know your customers, make informed decisions, reduce risk.  That is the predictive power of Big Data.

Möbius Partners can help you move your business forward by implementing a big data strategy. This includes a comprehensive analysis of your current IT infrastructure and business strategy. We’ll roadmap the hardware, software, analytics, information management, governance, training, and staff support to maximize the impact of big data.

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Using the same resources consistently through our engagements has been very helpful in keeping our path aligned with the vendor’s and in improving the speed and success of our solutions delivery to our business.”

IT Manager for large independent retailer